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The Nutrition Coalition is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that aims to educate the public and policy makers about the need to strengthen national nutrition policy so that it is founded upon a comprehensive body of conclusive science, and where that science is absent, to encourage additional research.

The Coalition launched in October 2015 out of concern that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans have not been able to stem the growing tide of obesity and diabetes in America. The Guidelines do not appear to reflect the most conclusive and current science available. The Coalition believes that a thorough and transparent process for developing new guidelines is needed to ensure that dietary advice to Americans is based on rigorous science. Towards this end, the Coalition will educate policy makers, stakeholders, and the public.

Coalition Goals:

The overall goal of the Nutrition Coalition is to advocate for national nutrition policy that both preserves good health and fights the major nutrition-related diseases of our time.

  1. Educating policy makers, stakeholders, and the public about the need for conclusive science that can, among other things, combat obesity and diabetes;
  1. Educating policy makers, stakeholders, and the public about solutions for reform, including better safeguards against bias of all kinds, greater transparency about potential conflicts of interest, systematic examination of longstanding but possibly erroneous beliefs, and the need for greater methodological rigor, including the clear prioritization of human clinical trials over observational data;
  1. Advocating for nutrition policy that reflects the most current and comprehensive assessment of the conclusive scientific evidence to date; and
  1. Advocating for clinical trial research funding, where conclusive evidence is lacking.

Wherever nutrition policy clearly deviates from the best and most current science, the Coalition is committed to working towards correcting this divergence. Wherever evidence is lacking, the Coalition is committed to driving existing funds toward relevant research as well as increasing funds for research overall. And until conclusive data is available, the Coalition believes that policy should simply inform rather than advise the public, according to the principle to “first, do no harm.”

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